In 2016, HOPE will celebrate fifty years of success in expanding access to quality and affordable healthcare services to millions of Europeans. Our strong and enduring mission is a testimony of the important past, present and future role of healthcare services to Europeans’ health.

In Rome where HOPE was founded, the 50th anniversary celebration will engage on 6, 7 and 8 June 2016 hundreds of healthcare professionals, HOPE Board members, Liaison Officers and National Coordinators. Throughout our 50th anniversary we will be hosting in HOPE Agora a diverse mix of events: meeting former Presidents and the former Secretary-General, listening to the views on the future of key European associations, discussing with healthcare professionals, learning from each...

These events will review past achievements while focusing on the present and future role of healthcare services. HOPE Agora 2016 wants to bring to surface different perspectives in an open and stimulating exchange with representatives from national governments, European institutions, national competent authorities, industry, healthcare professionals, academia and patient groups, with the objective of working towards a shared vision for the future.

HOPE Agora will also conclude the HOPE Exchange Programme, which in 2016 will reach its 35th edition. This 4‐week training period starting on 9 May 2016 is targeting hospital and healthcare professionals with managerial responsibilities. During their stay, HOPE Exchange Programme participants are discovering a different healthcare institution, a different healthcare system as well as other ways of working. The topic of the HOPE Exchange Programme 2016 is “Innovation in hospitals and healthcare: the way forward”.

Join us in Rome to celebrate some of European healthcare achievements to date

and to see what we can imagine for the future