In 2012, HOPE shot three videos on the experience of partcipants and hosts on the HOPE Exchange Programme. The shooting took place in Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium, and at the HOPE Agora in Berlin.

Participants have been followed with a camera to have first hand impressions about their experience abroad. HOPE also captured the point of view of hosts and National Coordinators to have a wide overview of the Programme. The result is shown in three different videos: one explicative film of 15 minutes and two short videos of 5 minutes each, one targeting participants and the other one targeting host healthcare institutions.

With these films, HOPE wants to call the attention on the Programme and invites health professionals and organisations to join this great opportunity of sharing knowledge and best practices throughout Europe.

After more than three decades of the Exchange Programme, with these products HOPE also wants to show its experience with other organisations and citizens throughout Europe in a more personal way, presenting some participants and organisers of this Programme among thousands professionals that make it possible every year. HOPE lenses travelled around Europe to show the motivation of the persons involved in the Programme, their expectations and their degree of satisfaction. Moreover, these videos aim to illustrate the spirit and the know‐how of a real example of professional cooperation across Europe. Sharing best practices is fundamental.

The HOPE Exchange Programme is also a great opportunity for establishing networks thanks to on the one hand the relationship between participants and host institutions, and on the other hand participants among themselves. Around 150 professionals go abroad each year with the HOPE Exchange Programme in more than 20 European countries.