In 2016, HOPE celebrates fifty years of success in expanding access to quality and affordable healthcare services to millions of Europeans. Our strong and enduring mission is a testimony of the important past, present and future role of healthcare services to Europeans’ health.

In Rome where HOPE was founded, the 50th anniversary celebration engaged on 6, 7 and 8 June 2016 hundreds of healthcare professionals, HOPE Board members, Liaison Officers and National Coordinators. HOPE Agora 2016 hosted a diverse mix of events: meeting Past-Presidents and the former Secretary-General, listening to the views on “The Future of Hospitals and Healthcare” of key European associations, discussing with healthcare professionals, learning from each…

These events reviewed past achievements while focusing on the present and future role of healthcare services. HOPE Agora 2016 has brought to surface different perspectives in an open and stimulating exchange with representatives from national governments, European institutions, national competent authorities, industry, healthcare professionals, academia and patient groups, with the objective of working towards a shared vision for the future.

HOPE Agora also concluded the HOPE Exchange Programme, which in 2016 reached its 35th edition. 134 healthcare professionals from 22 European countries participated on the 2016 programme. During HOPE Agora, participants on the programme reported back the results of their 4-week stay abroad. In their presentations, participants were asked to identify elements in the healthcare system of the host country which they found inspiring when looking at the challenges that they face at home in their own country. Without judging the system of the visited country, participants described, based on their experience abroad, what they would like to see implemented in their own country, region, institution, or ward.

The topic of the Exchange Programme 2016 being “Innovation in hospitals and healthcare: the way forward“, presentations of the findings focused on innovations in organisation and management that the participants have come across. These innovations were recognised in the fields of patient care, clinical work, nursing, human resources, information systems, drug management, laboratory operations, finances, quality management, and patient involvement.

Download here the HOPE report on “The Future of Hospitals and Healthcare”.